Being an engineer and having projects go hand in hand.

At Alted Engineering, we are passionate about making and designing things. There is great enjoyment in the challenge of designing something and seeing the finished product come to life. Being able to stand back, look at it, and say "Yup, that does what I said it will do."

The buzz is seeing the finished product. Seeing it come from a concept on the computer, to a model, to the real thing.  

Mountain bike design

"I enjoy riding and racing mechanical things and understand how they work. And I feel it goes hand in hand with what I look to do in my pastime, it’s like a hobby. Making cool shit. And when you ride bikes and are an engineer, what better project than to design and build your own frames." - Bennet Gage-Brown

Bike transportation 

"With three boys, we needed a better way to transport our motorbikes, mountain bikes and surfboards. Here's how we do it now." - Bennet Gage-Brown

Other cool things

"When your mates know you can design and build, you then get asked for a number of random things." - Bennet Gage-Brown

Ready to bring your ideas to reality?